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Vintex Green Packaging Company is the manufacturer and exporter of the moulded pulp paper products.  We offer a wide range of moulded pulp paper products used in the packaging for consumer goods and industrial goods.  Our business focus is set alongside with the worldwide trend towards 'Use less, Waste Less' of our scare natural resources.  We are keen on anticipating the wide-use of the recycling materials in the packaging industry in the very near future as the way leading to saving material costs and bowing to environment protection. 

Our factory was established in 2003.  It is situated at Gaozhou, Guangdong province, China with total floor area of about 6,000 sq. m. and staffed with 100 workers.  In order to meet with our every customer's specific needs, we are equipped with pulp moulding technology research and development, pulp moulding machine manufacturing and tooling manufacturing.

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